Book Clutter How to Let Go

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Book Clutter How to Let Go

Is your house cluttered with books? Read on to learn how to limit your books to the ones you read.
Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, have to empty the bookcase in the family room to make room for other things. Letting go of books is very difficult for Nikki. For many of us, the books on our shelves hold our history, aspirations, dreams, and even our self-image. We want to be seen as “well-educated people who read” with the bookcases to prove it. Nikki is no different.
Elizabeth asks Nikki questions to help with purging her books. Will you read this again? How long ago did you read it and have you read it again since then? If you could only take 20 books to a desert island would this one make the cut? If not, pass it on.
If you haven’t read it, how long have you been meaning to read it? Will you ever really read it? Is it something you were interested in once but not now? Elizabeth asks Nikki if she is keeping books she will probably never read just because they are classics that “every educated person should have read.” She asks her what would be more embarrassing, not having War and Peace on your shelf, or being asked what you thought of it and admitting you haven’t read it?
Books that Nikki plans to read are assigned a specific shelf that holds only unread books. They put today’s date on each one. Nikki decides if she hasn’t read the book in a year, she probably won’t. As Nikki gets new books, they will be dated and added to the shelf. Elizabeth tells Nikki the secret to keeping the collection from growing out of bounds again is to limit the unread books to one shelf. This method creates an automatic one in one out system. If the shelf is full, Nikki will have to let go of a book to make room to add a new one. Nikki will only keep books on the shelf that she really plans to read in a reasonable time frame.
Elizabeth suggests that Nikki donate the books that are in good condition to Friends of the Library, help the library spread the love of reading.

Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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