Organizing Craft Projects

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Organizing Craft Projects

Are your crafting projects scattered everywhere? Do you spend more time searching for your tools and supplies than actually crafting? Organize your ongoing projects with project keepers
Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are working to make Nikki’s craft room welcoming, comfortable and organized so Nikki can spend her time creating instead of searching for things.
Like many creative and chronically disorganized people, Nikki gets bored quickly. She usually works on several different things at the same time. Nikki will work on one project and then pick up another before she finishes the first one. The tools and materials for both are now scattered all over and things sometimes get damaged. This is one reason Nikki has trouble keeping the craft room organized.
Elizabeth tells Nikki she doesn’t have to stifle her creativity by forcing herself to finish one thing before she starts another. Elizabeth suggests that they create a “project keeper” for each item that Nikki is currently working on. They decide to use the same kind of storage containers that hold the large paper vertically on the bookcase. All the materials for each project are put into one container. When Nikki wants to work on a particular piece she gets out the project keeper and all the materials are ready for her. If unique tools are needed for a project they are also put in the keeper. When the project is finished, the tools and leftover supplies will be returned to their proper storage places. The empty project keeper will be put back on the shelf ready for a new project.
Although Elizabeth told Nikki it is alright to be working on more than one project at a time, she strongly recommends that Nikki limit the number of items in process. Elizabeth and Nikki discuss how many projects Nikki can reasonably have going at one time so she doesn’t get overwhelmed with so much unfinished work. With fewer items in process, Nikki will be able to “see” a single project and what is needed to finish it. This will keep her from being paralyzed by the total amount of work left to do on lots of projects. Nikki decides if she has more than three projects in progress at one time the chances are she will never finish any of them. Elizabeth labels the containers “Project 1,” “Project 2,” and “Project 3.” They put the labeled containers on the bookcase on different shelves than the ones holding the paper.
Nikki loves the fact that she will be able to grab a project and get to work quickly with everything she needs instead of hunting for everything. She is already planning her next crafting session.

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  1. jennifer colburn says:

    Great idea. Know of any org enties that help the disabled?.I have spinal cord injury and am a single mother w/.no family or friends near to assist us….ever. I used to be almost OCD with regard to having everything in its assigned place. After 5 years of sever limited mobility, pain and the slow but now complete loss of my entire financial safety net (no one plans for total disability to start at 38) ….our home is the place where messes come to die. I won’t steal my daughters childhood by asking her to take care of our entire home. I have a son who just returned from Iraq as a combat medic but he lives in TX with wife & my grandchildren so we are going it alone. If you do email me please flag it or mark as urgent….i get so much garbage in email i can not keep up and things get lost 🙂

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