Organized for Crafting

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Organized for Crafting

Is your crafting area impossible to work in because of the clutter?  Learn some techniques to decide which crafts you really love to do.  When you are organized for crafting, it makes it a joy to create in your craft room.

Nikki purchased the supplies to make Christmas gifts, but her craft room is so cluttered she can’t find them.  She and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are ready to start work on the mess.  As she looks around the room Elizabeth notices tools and supplies for many different types of crafts.  Like many creative and chronically disorganized people, Nikki has more enthusiasm and optimism than time.  She buys supplies for projects she never gets to or doesn’t finish because she loses interest.

Nikki is overwhelmed by the room and doesn’t know where to start.  Elizabeth suggests they begin sorting by the type of craft.  They group everything related to each craft together.  All card making tools and supplies are put together.  They include all card projects in this group, whether they have been started or not.

As they are sorting Elizabeth asks Nikki questions about the unfinished projects. She asks how she much she enjoyed working on the project, when she last worked on it, why she didn’t finish it, and the likelihood of it being finished.  Elizabeth listens to the comments Nikki makes about each project.  “This was fun when I was learning it, but it got boring pretty fast.  I bought all this stuff to make gifts, but only got one finished because I didn’t like the way it turned out.  I spent a lot of money on the supplies, so I should finish the rest.  I would have done this, but I didn’t like all the colors.  I keep saying I will find the right colors and do this.”

Elizabeth tells Nikki that “coulda, shoulda and woulda’s” are like a guillotine of guilt hanging over her head.  Crafts are meant to be fun and relaxing not bring about feelings of dread and guilt.  She asks Nikki if she could only do one type of craft what would it be.  Elizabeth then asks Nikki to rank order the other crafts and unfinished projects by the amount of enjoyment she gets out of working in each medium.  She asks which types of crafts she has always gone back to after dabbling in others.   As Nikki does this she realizes that several of the projects were just a whim, and she really didn’t enjoy them as much as the ones she has continued to do through the years.

Elizabeth suggests Nikki only keep the tools and materials for the crafts she truly enjoys and donate the rest to a worthy cause.


Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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