Drowning in email

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Drowning in email

Does the number of emails in your inbox rival the federal debt?  Learn some simple tricks to get it down to a manageable size and stop drowning in email.

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are congratulating themselves as they look at Nikki’s clutter-free home office.  Then Nikki says, “If only my computer were this organized.”  Elizabeth says she is not a computer expert, but she does have a system to help Nikki get control of her email.

Elizabeth has some tips to help Nikki manage her inbox.  The first one is “Unlisted.”  Nikki’s inbox is overflowing with ads from every store where she shops, plus all their affiliates.  Nikki has been giving stores her email thinking she would be a better shopper with information about upcoming sales.  What she has actually done is give the stores permission to drown her in spam.  Nikki says she doesn’t even look at the ads anymore because she gets so many.  Elizabeth tells Nikki, “If you wouldn’t give them your cell phone number don’t give them your email.

The next tip is, “Unsubscribe.”  If you are getting emails you don’t want, take a few seconds to unsubscribe.  If the emails are suspicious looking don’t even open them.  Immediately block the sender so you won’t be exposed to phishing scams.

Elizabeth and Nikki decide that Nikki’s homework before the next organizing session is to Unsubscribe from the sites that are spamming her.  Just like junk snail mail, you have to get off the lists to stop it.  Elizabeth’s easy tip for this is to sort the inbox by “From.”  Going through the list, Nikki can easily see which emails she has opened and which ones she is ignoring and should stop.  After she unsubscribes she can delete all the emails from that sender from her inbox.

Nikki commits to spending 15 minutes a day hitting the unsubscribe button.


Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth “Unclutter” Nikki’s email.


Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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