What to keep on your desk

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What to keep on your desk

Is your desk cluttered with stuff?  Do you even know why it ended up on your desk?  Just what should you keep on your desk for maximum efficiency?

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are ready to clear the minefield off the top of Nikki’s home office desk.  The drawers and files have already been organized leaving space to put away stuff from the desktop.

Elizabeth reminds Nikki of the Beach Vacation Organizing System they have used before.  Only things you use very frequently deserve space on your beachfront property.  In this case the top of the desk is Nikki’s beachfront and the drawers are one block from the beach.

Elizabeth begins by asking what Nikki needs right at hand when she works at the desk.  How often does she use the stapler, scissors, or ruler?  Is it more convenient to have pens and pencils in the drawer or to have a pencil cup on the desk?

Nikki says she needs to have something to write notes on when the phone rings, she is making appointments, calling for information, or jotting notes to herself.  There is a stack of small note sheets on the desk, but Nikki says she usually misplaces the small pieces of paper.  Rather than separate sheets of paper, Elizabeth suggests Nikki use a spiral notebook.  She can use a fresh page to write relevant information or take notes on a conversation then tear that page out and file it if she wants.  Pages left in the notebook will not get lost like little pieces of paper and will be there if Nikki needs to refer to them later.

Nikki decides she also needs her Action Files where she can see and remember to check them.  Elizabeth recommends using a vertical step file.  Nikki will be able to see the tab on each file instead of making a pile of folders on the desk.  Elizabeth tells Nikki she needs to beware the law of attraction:  a pile of paper will attract more paper, so think twice before starting a pile of papers.

Nikki decides the only other thing she wants on the top of the desk is a pencil cup.  Everything else will go in the drawers.  Elizabeth congratulates Nikki about her insight; it will be easier to keep the desk clear of clutter if it starts out clear.


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Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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