Organizing Greeting Cards

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Organizing Greeting Cards

How can you start organizing your greeting cards so you can find the perfect one to send to someone special?

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are working with her large collection of greeting cards.  Nikki enjoys sending snail mail cards to friends and family.  She knows that real mail is a treat when the mail is usually only ads.   She buys cards for people in advance when she sees something she knows they would like.  The problem is that she has no system for organizing her cards, so she can’t find a specific card when she needs it and ends up buying another one.

When they were organizing Nikki’s home office desk, they assigned one drawer to hold her cards and stationery.  Elizabeth suggests they create a filing system for Nikki’s cards, stationery and her mailing supplies.  As Nikki finds more and more cards, they realize all of them won’t fit in the desk drawer.  They decide to leave the mailing supplies like stamps and return address labels in the drawer, but create another place for the greeting cards.

Nikki has a decorative box that will hold all the cards.  Elizabeth recommends they first sort the cards by type, i.e. birthday, get well, sympathy.  Any cards that Nikki has picked out for a particular person get a sticky note attached with the name and date it should be sent.  Since the box isn’t a standard size, Elizabeth measures and cuts file folders to make file tabs.  The tabs are labeled, and the cards filed in the appropriate place.  They include Nikki’s stationery in the box for longer letters.

To file the cards already chosen for specific people, Elizabeth labels file tabs with the months of the year. Elizabeth has Nikki put a note on her calendar on the 25th of each month to check the next month’s list of events and write the cards for the first few days, so they wouldn’t be late.  Nikki’s homework is to make a list of everyone she regularly sent cards to, and put it in the box, so she won’t forget anyone.

Nikki likes the look of the box and puts it next to the printer where she will see it and enjoy not only the decorative box, but also knowing she can easily send her friends and family something special for their important days.


Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth clear the top of the desk.


Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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One Response to “Organizing Greeting Cards”

  1. MK Nunley says:

    Elizabeth – I actually bought the real dividers from a Card-Store going out of business when I bought over 100 cards at 75% discount. (laughed when the (young) clerk asked me, “Well – what are you going to do w/ those?” I told her, ‘same thing as you’ !

    I do like the idea of month sections to make it easier when I’ve found the perfect card for someone.


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