Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #32

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Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #32

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are organizing Nikki’s kitchen.  All the cabinets have been sorted and purged.  Elizabeth and Nikki have used Elizabeth’s Beach Vacation organizing system to store items as conveniently as possible.  Items used most often are stored in easily accessible locations.

Nikki questioned Elizabeth about why they didn’t clear the counters first, before they started working on the cabinets.  Elizabeth’s answer, “The things on the counters are what you use most often, or what won’t fit in the cabinets.  Now we have cleared space in the cabinets, there is room to store those items.  Before, we would have just stuffed more in the already overflowing cabinets.”

Nikki’s counters are crowded with small appliances, canisters, bottles of oil and vinegar, and a stack of school papers and mail.  They decide to start with the appliances because they are taking up the most counter space.  Elizabeth’s countertop rule:  if an item is not used several times a week, it shouldn’t be on the counter.  The crock pot, blender, and sandwich grill are put away in the cabinets.  That leaves only the coffee maker, smoothie maker, and toaster oven still on the counter.

Nikki uses the oils and vinegars often, so Elizabeth suggests they put them in the top cabinet next to the stove.  They put them on a lazy susan so Nikki just has to spin to find what she needs.

Elizabeth asks how often Nikki uses each staple she has in canisters on the counter.  When Nikki thinks about it, she realizes she really doesn’t need to have all the beans, rice, pasta, and other staples on the counter.    They put those items in the pantry.

Nikki finds a basket to put the papers in until she and Elizabeth can set up a mail sorting area.  This keeps the papers contained and prevents them from falling down beside the fridge or onto the stove.

Nikki loves the new clean look of her counters.  She vows she won’t let stuff pile up on them again.


Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth organize the pantry.


You can read the continuing story in the Albuquerque Sage Magazine <a href=”“>online edition</a>.  Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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