Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #30

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Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #30

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are organizing Nikki’s kitchen.  They are going to attack the plastic storage container cabinet.  Nikki calls this the “Tupperware Tomb” because things go in there and never come out.

Just like they did with the pots and pans, Nikki and Elizabeth start by dividing the plastic containers into frequently and infrequently used.  Anything that is broken or cracked is thrown away.

The next task is to match tops and bottoms.  Any container without a lid is thrown away.  After the lids are matched, all the containers are sorted by size and type.  Containers that use the identical lids are grouped together.

Elizabeth shows Nikki how she can save space, but still find the right lids for her containers.  She shows her how Tupperware is labeled with a letter on the bottom and the same letter on any top that matches it.  They’ll use the same system with Nikki’s other plastic containers.

Containers and lids of a certain size and type are interchangeable.  Nikki has five rectangular dishes that are the same and all take the same lid.  Those dishes are assigned the letter “A.”  Using a permanent marker, the letter “A” is written on each of the five dishes and its matching lid.  Then the six identical square containers with six interchangeable lids are assigned letter “B.”  “B’ is written on each of the six tops and bottoms.  Each different size and shape is assigned its own letter.

When every piece has been labeled, Nikki and Elizabeth take the lids off and nest the matching bottoms to save space.  The lids are put in a bin that will slide into the cabinet like a drawer.  Now Nikki will pick out the container she needs and find the matching lid in the bin by matching up the letter.  This method saves space by letting Nikki nest the bottoms, and makes it easy to find the correct lids.

Nikki says she’ll have to find a new name for the “Tupperware Tomb” cabinet.

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You can read the continuing story in the Albuquerque Sage Magazine <a href=”“>online edition</a>.  Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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