Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #29

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Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #29

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are organizing Nikki’s kitchen.  They are working on the cabinet where Nikki keeps her pots and pans.  The cabinet is so full that it won’t close completely.  Nikki’s biggest complaint about her pots and pans is that she is always searching for the correct lid.

As they pull out each item, Elizabeth asks Nikki how often she uses it.  The infrequently used pans are placed on the island.  The pots and pans Nikki uses all the time are put on the counter.  Some of the pans they pull out Nikki says she has never used.  They are sizes she doesn’t need, but they came with the set she bought.  They are put in a box to donate.

Once the cabinet is empty, Elizabeth and Nikki match up each pan with a lid.  They make sure that all the frequently used pans have their own lids, even if it means borrowing it from a pan that is not used as often.  Nikki decides she will donate any pot that doesn’t have a lid that fits.

Elizabeth suggests that they put the pots that Nikki doesn’t use except for holidays or party cooking into a box and store them somewhere else.  When Nikki needs a huge soup pot or the pressure cooker, she can go to the box and get it.  Nikki laughs and says that she is learning Elizabeth’s “Beach Vacation” organizing system and knows that the box will go in an “Ocean View” location.

Once they have cleared out the unused and infrequently used pans, they start putting the pans back in the cabinet.  As they place them in the cabinet, they put the matching lids on.  Now whenever Nikki reaches in to get a pan, the lid will be with it, and Nikki won’t be searching for the correct size.

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You can read the continuing story in the Albuquerque Sage Magazine <a href=”“>online edition</a>.  Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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