Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #25

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Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #25

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, are working on the hundreds of recipes Nikki has torn from magazines and newspapers.

The first thing Elizabeth recommends is that they gather all the loose recipes.  They then separate them into two piles, the ones Nikki has actually made, and would like to keep, and the “wishful thinking” ones.

The “wishful thinking” ones are put into an envelope labeled with the date six months from now.  If Nikki has not tried the recipe in six months, she will throw it away.

Elizabeth knows that Nikki will continue to collect recipes.  What is needed is a way to limit the collection to the ones she actually uses. Elizabeth suggests that Nikki make a new envelope every month and use the six month “use it or lose it” rule.  Nikki says the envelope system will definitely help her.  When she wants to “play in the kitchen,” she can go to an envelope and find a recipe she hasn’t tried yet.

Elizabeth gives Nikki several suggestions for organizing the loose recipes she has tried and wants to keep.  She could fold them up and put them in recipe boxes, scan them into the computer, file them in an accordion file by category, or put them in three ring binders.

Nikki doesn’t see any advantages to having to cram pieces of paper into recipe boxes so that option is immediately thrown out.

Scanning the recipes would keep them permanently on the computer, and they could be easily sorted.  The negative Nikki sees to this method is the time it would take to scan in the large number of recipes, and then print them out.  Nikki likes to have her recipes on paper.  She often makes notes of any changes she would make the next time she uses the recipe.

The accordion file would be a quick way to organize the recipes.  The con that Nikki sees is that she would still be sorting through piles of recipes in each category to find the one she wants.



Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth discuss the three ring binder system to organize Nikki’s recipes.



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