Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #24

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Nikki Works With Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #24

Nikki and Elizabeth, her Professional Organizer, have found cookbooks and recipes stuffed in all the cupboards in the kitchen.  Nikki loves to cook, and collect recipes, but has never been able to get them organized.  She tells Elizabeth that she gets frustrated trying to find the recipe she wants because she can’t remember what book it came from or if it is in the hundreds of loose recipes shoved everywhere.

First, they gather all the cookbooks.  It is very obvious that there is not enough room in the kitchen to store all of Nikki’s many cookbooks in an organized way.  The next step is to sort them into the ones Nikki uses all the time and the ones she uses only occasionally.  The less frequently used ones can be stored in a bookcase somewhere else in the house instead of taking up valuable space in the kitchen.

Nikki has some books that she only uses one or two recipes from.  Elizabeth proposes that Nikki photocopy or scan those few recipes and give the cookbooks away.  The printed recipes can be stored in page protectors in a three-ring binder.  This will take up far less room than keeping several cookbooks for just a few recipes.  Nikki likes this idea and will do this one cookbook at a time as she weeds out her large collection.

Elizabeth suggests that Nikki write the page numbers of the recipes she uses frequently in the front of each book.  If she wants to make finding a recipe even easier, she can make a list of recipes, in categories, with their respective book and page numbers, creating her own index of favorite recipes.  Instead of hunting through cookbooks one by one, Nikki can find the recipe she wants on the index and go right to the correct book and page.  Nikki laughs and says this will actually give her more time for cooking because once she starts flipping through cookbooks she can spend hours just reading the recipes.

Nikki decides that she will go through her cookbooks and make her index while she watches TV.  Nikki is excited that she will be able to find the recipes she wants quickly and get to the cooking she loves instead of hunting through cookbooks.

Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth find solutions for recipes Nikki has torn out of magazines.


You can read the continuing story in the Albuquerque Sage Magazine <a href=”“>online edition</a>.  Learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get the house organized room by room.

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