Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #12

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Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #12

Elizabeth and Nikki are organizing cosmetics using Elizabeth’s “Beach Vacation” storage system.
In Nikki’s bathroom the beach front, most easily accessible, storage areas are the countertop and the drawers. After separating Nikki’s everyday items into two categories, skin or hair care, they will start by organizing Nikki’s makeup. Nikki wears makeup everyday so it really has to be fast and easy to get and put away. That means, using Elizabeth’s beach vacation system, it has to be in a “beach front” location.
Knowing that Nikki is very visual and likes to see her things, Elizabeth asks Nikki, “How much stuff do you want on the counter?” Nikki wants to be able to quickly clean the bathroom, so she decides the only things on the counter will be the pretty jars with cotton balls, Q-tips, and her makeup brushes. Everything else will be put away.
Nikki finds a plastic drawer organizer that will fit in the top drawer of the stack of three under the counter. They put all of Nikki’s makeup in the organizer and then put it in the drawer. Elizabeth shows Nikki that she doesn’t have to put her makeup on with the drawer open. The organizer holding her makeup can be taken out of the drawer, put it on the countertop, and she can use what she needs directly out of the organizer. After she puts on her makeup it goes back in the drawer, keeping the countertops clear of clutter. Now Nikki can easily clean the bathroom, and the bin will keep any spills contained.
After working with Elizabeth to organize his clothes, Mark has given Elizabeth and Nikki permission to organize the rest of his things. They repeat the system they used with Nikki’s makeup with Mark’s things. They put his razor, shave cream, after shave, and comb in a bin that he can take out of the drawer and put on the counter each day.
The third drawer in the stack will be used for the items they both use. The countertop is now clear of makeup and shaving items. The only thing left to put away are Nikki’s hair things.

Next post: Elizabeth and Nikki put hair stuff away using the Beach Vacation system.
Read the continuing story and learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get her house organized room by room.

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