Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #11

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Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #11

Elizabeth explains her “Beach Vacation” storage system to Nikki as they organize her bathroom.
Nikki and Elizabeth have been clearing the counters in Nikki’s bathroom. They have safely disposed of outdated medications, thrown away old cosmetics, and sorted items into special occasion and everyday. Now they need to put Nikki’s everyday makeup away.
Elizabeth explains to Nikki the system she uses for assigning storage space to items. She calls it her “beach vacation.” When you look for a place to stay at the beach, the descriptions usually say things like, “beach front, one block from the beach, or ocean view.”
Beach front locations are right on the water. You can walk out the door and be on the sand. One block from the beach lodgings are further away. You have to walk a bit, and carry your stuff, to get to get to the water. Ocean view properties are usually a long way away, and sometimes you have to get on the roof to see the beach.
Nikki asked what a beach vacation had to do with organizing her bathroom. Elizabeth explained that they would use the same principle of ease of access to the water to assign items to storage locations.
Beach front storage spaces are easily accessible, no bending or reaching required to get to them. The countertop and the drawer under the counter are beach front places in Nikki’s bathroom.
Because you have to close it to use the mirror, the medicine cabinet qualifies as one block from the beach. If you want to use anything in it you have to carry it to the beach, the countertop, and close the door to use the mirror.
Ocean view spaces are the cabinet under the sink, the closet, and the linen closet in the hall. All of these spaces require Nikki to stretch or reach or even go to another room to get things and bring them back into the bathroom.

Next post: Elizabeth and Nikki put cosmetics away using the Beach Vacation system.
Read the continuing story and learn along with Nikki as she and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, get her house organized room by room.

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