Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #8

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Nikki is working with me, Elizabeth Tawney Gross, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, and owner of Organizing For Everyday, LLC.  You can read the continuing story in the posts and learn along with Nikki as we organize her house room by room.

Mark, Nikki’s husband, has been so impressed with how organized Nikki’s clothes have become that he wants to work with Elizabeth on his things as well.  Mark has a special challenge when it comes to clothes, he is color blind.  He told Elizabeth he is tired of waiting for Nikki to pick out his clothes every day.

First, Elizabeth has Mark go through his clothes to purge the ones he doesn’t wear.  They are put in the donate box.  Then they separate his clothes into work and casual clothes.  Since Mark wears a coat and tie to work every day, he really doesn’t have any clothes that are only for special occasions.

Mark has to match a coat, tie, shirt, and pants to get dressed for work.  Elizabeth suggests a system that Mark jokingly calls, Garanimals™ for adults.  Every item will be labeled with a number on the tag.  A chart will be made showing which items will look good worn together.  For example, the first row of the chart will list jacket number one matched with the number five pants, shirt number four, and tie number six.  The next row will show that jacket number one, again worn with the number five pants, can also worn with shirt number 3, and tie number seven.

Although making the chart will take some time, Mark is happy that he can get dressed without fear of showing up at work looking like he dressed in the dark.  He is planning to make a copy of the chart so he can take it with him when he travels.  Elizabeth suggested to Nikki that she make a chart for her own clothes with a column for jewelry.  Since she can see colors, Nikki could use words on her chart and doesn’t need to label her clothes.  If Mark and Nikki pick out their clothes the night before, mornings will be less stressful.

Nikki is planning to ask Amanda to help her match up Mark’s clothes.  She wants to show off her newly organized closet.


Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth will make Nikki’s mornings even easier by organizing the bathroom.


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  1. Jean Wilkinson Martinis says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I decided to read through your whole series at once to re-energize myself for getting organized. I’ve loved lots of the articles but so far this is my favorite because she has success and wants to show off to Amanda. How sweet it is…..

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