Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #7

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Nikki is working with me, Elizabeth Tawney Gross, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, and owner of Organizing For Everyday, LLC.  You can read the continuing story in the posts and learn along with Nikki as we organize her house room by room.

Nikki and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, have been sorting Nikki’s clothes.  They organized the hanging clothes and the shoes.  Thanks to a few simple solutions, the chair and the floor are no longer covered with heaps of clothes. Mark has installed the shelving that Nikki and Elizabeth designed in the closet.  Now Nikki and Elizabeth can clear the piles off the dresser.

Elizabeth asks Nikki to separate the folded clothes into work and casual before they put them away.  When they put clothes on the shelves, the work and casual clothes will go on different shelves.  Nikki loves the fact that she won’t have to paw through all her things to get ready to go to work.  Everything suitable for work is together and separate from her weekend clothes.

Before they start putting clothes on the shelves, Elizabeth asks Nikki to show her how she would usually put things on the shelves.   Nikki’s natural tendency is to arrange shirts with the neck facing away from her.  She positions jeans with the waistband away from her.   Elizabeth then shows her that the same backwards method they are using for hanging clothes and shoes can be used for shirts and jeans.  Elizabeth has her turn them around and put them on the shelves with the neck or the waistband facing out, toward her.  She tells Nikki that after she wears an item she can put it away the way she naturally would, with the neck or waistband facing away from her.  This is what she is already doing with the hang up clothes and shoes.  After a few months Nikki will be able to tell what she has worn and what hasn’t left the closet.

Nikki told Elizabeth that Mark is so impressed with what they have accomplished that he wants to work with Elizabeth on his things as well.

Next post:  Mark and Elizabeth organize his side of the closet with a system to deal with his unique challenge.


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