Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #5

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Nikki is working with me, Elizabeth Tawney Gross, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, and owner of Organizing For Everyday, LLC.  You can read the continuing story in the posts and learn along with Nikki as we organize her house room by room.

Nikki and Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer, have been sorting Nikki’s clothes.  They organized the hanging clothes and the shoes.  Now they are working on the clothes in and on the dresser.

Nikki functions best in the visual modality; she likes to see all her clothes.  Things in drawers are “OOSOOM,” out of sight, out of mind.  Elizabeth suggested several options that will allow Nikki to have her in-season clothes visible.  They could be folded in a way that Nikki could see most of her clothes, shelves could be installed in the closet, or Nikki could purchase furniture for the bedroom with shelves.

Nikki realized that she really didn’t want to use the drawers everyday because she wouldn’t be able to see all of her clothes.  She likes to see all her choices.  A new piece of furniture is not in the budget.  So Nikki decided shelves in the closet would be the best solution.  That decision freed up the dresser drawers to be used for off-season clothes.

Elizabeth and Nikki carefully measured the piles of clothes and added a few inches for any items that may be in the laundry.  This made sure there would be enough shelves for all of Nikki’s clothes.  During the planning Elizabeth reminded Nikki that they had to leave room between the shelves so it was easy to put things away.

The depth of the shelves is also important to consider.  If they stick out too far there won’t be room to move around.  If they are too shallow clothes will hang off the edges.  In the final design, the shelves will go almost to the ceiling.  Nikki can’t reach the higher shelves, but Mark, Nikki’s husband, can.  Mark was happy he was getting some extra space as well and agreed to install the shelves.

Nikki and Mark have a plan to transform their closet and bedroom to make it more user friendly.  They are looking forward to easier mornings.


Next post:  Nikki and Elizabeth discover why there are clothes on the chair and the floor.


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