Nikki works with Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer #2

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Nikki has chosen to work with me, Elizabeth Tawney Gross, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, and owner of Organizing For Everyday, LLC.  So I will be the new character, Elizabeth, the Professional Organizer.  Nikki, and you the reader, will experience working with me as your Professional Organizer.

While she was doing the Assessment, Elizabeth asked Nikki questions to determine how her disorganization was making everyday life more difficult.  By listening carefully to Nikki’s answers Elizabeth determined that a disorganized closet was a big part of the reason Nikki was frequently late to work.

So together they decided to start the hands-on organizing in the master closet.  Although Nikki wanted to sort her husband Mark’s clothes as well, Elizabeth told her she would not touch his things without his consent.  Elizabeth, as part of her professional and ethical commitment to clients, does not touch anything without permission, and never disposes of items without the client’s approval.

As they sorted Elizabeth shared some quick tips to pare down the clothes.  She asked Nikki to look for anything with “dusty shoulders” or shoved way back in the closet where she can’t reach it.  These are clothes that haven’t been worn in a long time and probably won’t be worn again.  Nikki had decided she would donate any usable clothes to charity so after dusting them off, those clothes went in the donate box.

The next sorting technique was Every Day, Special-Occasion, and “Why am I keeping this.”  Everyday clothes are the ones Nikki wears all the time. Nikki could further divide her Everyday clothes into work and casual.  Special occasion things are dressy clothes she wears to parties.  “Why am I keeping this” are the things that are uncomfortable or don’t fit or flatter.  Elizabeth’s advice is, “Don’t wear anything that doesn’t make you look and feel fabulous.”

Nikki doesn’t wear her sequined halter top and silk pants to work every day, so they don’t need to be front and center in the closet.  They were hung in a less convenient part of the closet.    Next Elizabeth showed Nikki a technique to pare down her everyday clothes to just what she wears.  Nikki divided her summer and winter items, then put the off-season clothes in the back of the closet.  Elizabeth helped Nikki to hang the current season’s clothes with the hanger hook facing towards her instead of the normal way.  After Nikki wears an item and puts it back, she will hang it up with the hanger hook facing away from her as she normally would.   When it’s time to move things for a new season, anything on a hanger that is still facing the wrong way hasn’t been worn all season and can be donated.

After Elizabeth Tawney Gross, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, helped Nikki organize her closet she could dress quickly in clothes that made her look and feel marvelous.

Next post:  Nikki (Imelda) and Elizabeth sort shoes.

2012 Elizabeth Tawney Gross, Organizing For Everyday, LLC

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