Nikki Works with a Professional Organizer pt9

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Nikki has called the Professional Organizers she thinks will be a good match for her and her situation.    She asked each Professional Organizer a bunch of questions and answered their questions as well.  These questions are listed in the last two blog posts.  Now comes the hard part, making the final choice. So how does she decide which one will be able to help her the most?

Nikki believes she is chronically disorganized.  So she started her search by narrowing the prospects to Professional Organizers with education and experience in chronic disorganization.  As she talked to each one, she asked them questions about their experience and training.

Nikki will be spending many hours working closely with the person she chooses.  She will have to expose her embarrassing clutter to a stranger.  The rooms that she doesn’t let anyone see, will not only be shown to the Professional Organizer, but also taken apart and analyzed.

Although Nikki has done lots of investigation about each Professional Organizer, ultimately choosing a Professional Organizer is a very personal decision.  As she spoke to each Professional Organizer, she learned about their unique personalities and character traits.

Nikki will have to like and trust her Professional Organizer before she will be willing to learn from her.  In the end, to choose the best Professional Organizer, Nikki should choose the Professional Organizer she feels the most comfortable with.

Which Professional Organizer seemed to “get” what she was saying?  Did one listen better than the others? Was the Professional Organizer sympathetic or did she seem judgmental?  Did the Professional Organizer treat her as an individual with a unique situation, or does she have a one-size-fits-all solution?  In the end, the question Nikki must answer is:  “Will I be happy to meet this particular Professional Organizer when she rings the doorbell?”


Next post:  What happens when the Professional Organizer comes?


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