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Nikki is ready to start calling the Professional Organizers she thinks might be a good match for her.  Because she suspects she is chronically disorganized, she looked at each Professional Organizer’s credentials to see if they had education and experience in working with clients with like her.  She has a list of questions she wants each Professional Organizer to answer so she can compare them.  See Nikki #7 for that list.  Now she’s wondering what they might ask her.

The most important thing that a Professional Organizer will do when you call is listen.  By paying attention as Nikki describes her life and frustrations, the Professional Organizer will pick up a lot of the information they need.  Below is a list of some of the questions that Nikki might be asked.

What motivated you to call a Professional Organizer?  What is causing you the most frustration?

Is getting organized your idea, or are you being pushed by someone else; your spouse, boss, landlord, etc.?

Demanding that someone get organized, unless it is your boss and you want to keep your job, usually doesn’t work.  It’s like begging someone to stop smoking.  The smoker may quit because they want to please you, or to stop the nagging.  However, until they are committed to being a non-smoker, they will probably go back to smoking in a short time.

How long has disorganization been a problem?  How is it impacting your life?

The Professional Organizer is trying to determine if your disorganization is situational or chronic, or if you might be a hoarder.

What are your goals for getting organized?

What are your expectations for how long it will take to get organized?

Most people seriously underestimate how long it will take to get organized.  It took time to get disorganized.  It will take time to get organized.

Do you have a deadline for getting organized?  What has created the deadline, and when is it?

The Professional Organizer is trying to determine if the project is feasible. It is not uncommon for someone to call the day before company arrives, and expect to get a whole house organized.

Are you willing to invest the time, energy, and money it will take to get organized?

Professional Organizers are, unfortunately, not fairy godmothers who can come in and make clutter disappear with a flick of their wand.  Organizing takes time and effort, just like any project you’ve accomplished. It will take time to learn, and practice, new skills and habits.  If you are ready to commit to it you can get organized!

Next post:  How does Nikki finally decide which Professional Organizer to hire?


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