Nikki Works with a Professional Organizer pt4

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Nikki has decided to hire a Professional Organizer to help her with her clutter.  Now she is doing some investigation to determine what type of disorganization she has.


Nikki didn’t know that there were different types and level of disorganization.   She is doing more research to try to figure out where her disorganization fits in so she can find the best Professional Organizer for her, and her situation.

For some people, the disorganization is situational.  Their lives have changed, but the ways they organize haven’t changed with it.  Suddenly, they realize they are overwhelmed with clutter.  Often they don’t know where to start because what they know is not working anymore.  There are many different life events that can cause situational disorganization such as: a new baby; getting married and combining two households; an inheritance of items that don’t have a place yet; or beginning to work from home.  A Professional Organizer will help by working with the person to develop systems that work with their current lifestyle.

Nikki found that there is also something called “chronic disorganization,” and some Professional Organizers have special training in working with clients with this challenge.  When she looked at the three characteristics of chronic disorganization, she thought she probably met all of them.  She has always had a difficulty staying organized even when she worked really hard at it.  The quality of her life is definitely being negatively affected by her disorganization.  She has to keep buying things she knows she has but can’t find.  Nikki thinks she also meets the third indicator.  She really can’t foresee a future without disorganization because she doesn’t even know where to start to get organized.

When Nikki was browsing the internet she found The Clutter Hoarding Scale.  There are five levels of disorganization described on the scale, from a little clutter to full-blown hoarding. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization,   developed this tool and makes it available free of charge on their website.

Next time Nikki will be looking at the Clutter Hoarding scale to see if she might fall into the hoarding category.

Next post: Is Nikki a hoarder?



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