Amanda vs a Professional Organizer pt11

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Number eleven in the continuing series, about how the neat freak friend, Amanda, differs from a Professional Organizer.  Our heroine now has a name: Nikki.


Nikki has tried to get organized on her own, but it has been overwhelming.  She feels so guilty and ashamed about the clutter in her house.  She feels like a failure.  Organizing seems to be so simple for other people, like Amanda.  Why can’t she do it?


As a Professional Organizer, I know from experience that clients have waited years to call me because they are ashamed of the condition of their home or office.  My first task with many clients is to get them beyond the “should of, could of, would of” blame and shame they have carried for many years, and help them to see that they are wonderful people who just happen to have a problem with stuff.  Nikki is sure Amanda thinks she’s a nut job because of her clutter.  Professional Organizers do not judge or ridicule their clients, but accept them as they are and work with them to make their lives better.


What Nikki and Amanda don’t realize is that organizing is a skill that can be learned.  Getting and staying organized is achieved by learning new ways of doing things and practicing good habits.  A Professional Organizer will teach Nikki the principles and skills needed to get and stay organized.  My favorite comment from clients is “I keep hearing you in my head.”  That means they are internalizing and able to practice the things I have taught them.  Amanda seems to have acquired the skills she requires to keep her life organized.  Nikki still needs to learn them.

Who should help Nikki:  Amanda or a Professional Organizer?

I’m looking forward to your comments.


To be continued . . . More Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer

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