Amanda versus a Professional Organizer pt8

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Number eight in the continuing series, about how your neat freak friend, Amanda, differs from a Professional Organizer (PO.)


Well of course the food at Amanda’s party was fabulous; she got everything from a caterer.  Amanda hates to cook.  When you throw a party, the best part is making the food, because cooking is so much fun.  Now you understand why Amanda’s kitchen is always organized; she doesn’t use it.  Your kitchen is full of stuff you use when you cook.  Except you can never find what you need because it’s so jam packed.

Of course, Amanda hates your kitchen.  She says you need to get rid of your special cooking tools and make it just like hers.  But Amanda doesn’t cook.  She doesn’t even know what half of your tools do.  If Amanda organized your kitchen you’d be lucky to have a garlic press left.  By the way, where is the garlic press?

Organizing your kitchen with a PO would be fun.  POs enjoy working with people with a passion.  With a PO helping you, your kitchen would be organized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. You will be able to spend your time creating yummy food instead of looking for things.  When a PO helps you organize, she will not demand you throw out all your special tools, she will help you prioritize and keep within easy reach what you use the most.  She’ll help you find other places to put the things you don’t often use so your kitchen will be streamlined, easy to work in and easy to clean.

Doesn’t it sound like more fun to organize your kitchen with someone who wants you to enjoy your hobby, instead of Amanda, who doesn’t even care about cooking?


I’m looking forward to your comments.

What organizing challenges do you have in the kitchen?

To be continued . . . More Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer


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