Amanda versus a Professional Organizer pt6

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Number six in the continuing series, how your neat freak friend, Amanda, differs from a Professional Organizer (PO.)


Amanda says all you do is procrastinate.  She keeps telling you, “Just get started and get it done.”  The more you think about it the more you know, Amanda is right.  You do procrastinate about organizing.

Why can’t you get motivated about organizing?  Even when you try it seems that things get worse.  The paper you tried to get organized is still all over the dining room table despite your hard work.  That makes you even more reluctant to start an organizing project.  A PO will recognize your perfectionism as one of the reasons you put off organizing tasks.  She will help you determine what needs to be done with excellence and what just needs to be done.

Ok, Amanda’s right you are a procrastinator, but she thinks you should do a marathon organizing session and simply get it done.  You feel overwhelmed just thinking about organizing the whole house.  There is so much to do.  The clutter is like a monster that keeps growing. A PO knows that you are overwhelmed and afraid of what you see as a monumental task.  She will help you break down the huge job into small chunks that are doable.

You’re thinking, “Maybe I could do this if I knew where to start.”  You start somewhere then leapfrog around to different places.  Then you get frustrated because nothing is ever finished.  A PO knows where to begin so you will make progress quickly.  She will help you develop a plan of action and a realistic schedule for getting tasks completed.  When you work with a PO getting organized will be less of a chore because you will have defined your goals and have a plan to achieve them.

Which seems less daunting, Amanda’s plan to organize the whole place in a weekend or working on it a little bit at a time with specific goals and a plan to achieve them?


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Why do you procrastinate about getting organized?


To be continued . . . More Amanda vs. a Professional Organizer


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